Ambi Pack runs excellent quality and high tech production facilities, among which various sachet filling machines. As a professional co-packer, Ambi Pack works according to the highest quality standards.

Sachets are often being used for sampling purposes or as single dose packages. A sample with cream, a sachet for a facial mask, a give away with 2 chewable tablets, magazine sachets or shaped sachets (contoursachets)… at Ambi Pack we can make it all.

With our sachet filling equipment we can produce various types and sizes of sachets. After all, we know the ideal packaging solution differs from client to client. We can produce sachets of different material, of course provided with the printing of your requirements.

Being a flexible co-packer, we can include specific needs – such as the printing or präging of a code or an incision on the side – in the production process. And of course, we are happy to assist you in packing your sachets in (display-)boxes.